1. Select the type of booking you wish to make using the buttons above.
  2. On the avalability grid, click on a green square corresponding to reservation start time and resource you wish to book.
      - Click on the next available button 'Next Available' button for help finding a spot.
  3. Adjust reservation end time as needed (up to 3 hours after start time) and click 'Submit Times'.
  4. Sign in with your netname and password on the Concordia 'Sign in' page.
  5. If the email field is blank please provide one, and click 'Submit my Booking'.

You will receive an email confirming your booking right away, as well as a reminder email 2 hours before your reservation begins.

Please note that if you have activated the Microsoft 365 Education Productivity Suitethe system will send booking confirmation emails to your Office 365 Student Email.

To access this account go to the Microsoft online portal and use the following login credentials:

  • Enter on the main login page.
  • You will be redirected to the Concordia-specific login screen.
  • Enter your netname and password (same as the Student Hub My CU Account) to log in.